Oil & Gas


Minimum Purchase


Any loan over $1M cannot be submitted without prior approval from home office.

*On new self-directed IRA accounts, a minimum rollover amount is $51K for a $50K loan.
See the Disclosure page in the new self-directed IRA Application.

Placement of advertisements and referral methods for your Private Practice are at your sole discretion. However, in order to solicit referrals, the Representative shall not make promises or issue any warranty either expressed or implied pertaining to the goods or services offered by the Company unless authorized in writing by the Company to do so.

Public advertising of any product offerings of AAI is strictly prohibited.

  • Materials Step 1


    You must provide the Investor a copy of:

    Oil & Gas Flipping Book

    Opportunity Overview

    Investing 101 Booklet

    Investing 101 Booklet

    Tax Benefits of Oil & Gas

    Tax Benefits of Oil & Gas

    Supplemental Materials

    Tax Benefits of Oil & Gas

    Tax Benefits of Oil & Gas Flyer

    Townhall Report

    Townhall Report

    1031 Exchange

    1031 Exchange

  • Applications Step 2
Reimbursement for Expenses


3 Business Days

Suitability review at Resolute
Resolute ACH

4-6 Business Days

Funds Clear at Resolute's Escrow Account. Resolute initiates transfer of funds on Fridays which could
take 2-3 Business days to settle
Funds Transfer

7-13 Business Days

Resolute transfers funds to Homebound. Homebound will then release funds to AAI.
Funds en Route

3-5 Business Days

Reimbursement for expenses is processed 3-5 business days after AAI is funded, and all other new business requirements are met