Merchant Cash Advance


Minimum Purchase


Placement of advertisements and referral methods for your Private Practice are at your sole discretion. However, in order to solicit referrals, the Representative shall not make promises or issue any warranty either expressed or implied pertaining to the goods or services offered by the Company unless authorized in writing by the Company to do so.

Public advertising of any product offerings of AAI is strictly prohibited.

  • Materials Step 1


    You must provide Lender a copy of:


    Product Brochure


    FAQ's Sheet

    Supplemental Materials


    Sample Statement

  • Applications Step 2


    Select Lender(s) Resident State
  • Funding Facts Step 3

    Funding Facts & What to Expect Sheet

    Funding Facts & What to Expect Sheet

    How to make out a check


    1. Checks must be written to: "1 Global Capital, LLC"

      Any variations of that name will cause the banking institution to reject the check. The client's name should be placed in the memo line.

    2. If an entity is purchasing, the check must be written from that entity's bank account. Checks in an individual's name will be rejected.

    3. The contract must be titled exactly as the name(s) appear on the check. Please complete the application using the names as shown on the bank account.

  • Portal Access Step 4

    Access to Portals

    The Lender's account statements and end of year tax documents are provided online.

    Lender will receive (2) separate email invitations

    • IRA Services Trust
      • Custodial account statements every quarter
      • End of Year Tax Documents

    • 1st Global Capital
      • Daily account activity in Merchant Cash Advance
      • Monthly account statements


    Lender will receive (1) email invitation

    • 1st Global Capital
      • Daily account activity in Merchant Cash Advance
      • Monthly account statements

  • Lending Docs Step 5

    Executed Lending Documents

    Lender will receive a copy of the Executed Lending Documents by Postal Mail from the AAI Case Manager.

Origination Fee

Your Origination Fee is processed monthly and you should receive it by the 25th of the month for any cases where the Lender funds have cleared by the last business day of the previous month.