LifeSure™ Pacific


Minimum Purchase


If you are submitting business as a Fund Manager, click the Fund Manager tab to access the proper Fast App. Marketing Materials and the Illustration should be downloaded here.

  • Materials Step 1


    You must provide buyer a copy of:


    Product Brochure


    Offering Memorandum

    Supplemental Materials


    Company Brochure

  • Illustration Step 2


  • Applications Step 3


    Choose either the 1 or 2-step Application Process.

    1-Step Application Process

    1. You fill in the entire application packet with the Buyer.


    Qualified Funds


    Non-Qualified Funds

    2-Step Application Process

    1. You complete the abbreviated Fast App.

    2. AAI fills in the full application packet and sends out for Buyer signatures.

  • Recorded Call Step 4

    Recorded Call

    Complete the Recorded Call

    Buyer must have read the Offering Memorandum

    • Recorded Call Line: (800) 990-4788
    • Mon-Fri 9:30AM - 5:00PM E.T.

    Schedule the next available immediate appointment or for a future time at the Buyer's convenience.

    If the case manager cannot reach the Buyer at the appointment time, an automated email will be generated to the Buyer to reschedule using a link to our online appointment system.
  • Funding Facts Step 5

    Funding Facts & What to Expect Sheet

    Funding Facts & What to Expect Sheet

    If purchasing through an account with
    Provident Trust Group

    Click both of the following links to obtain the:
  • App Process Cont. Step 6

    Application Process Continued

    1-Step Application Process

    No further action is required.

    2-Step Application Process

    NON-QUALIFIED The Buyer's paperwork may be sent by AAI and returned by:

    • DocuSign Email
    • Overnight Postal Mail

    QUALIFIED The Buyer's paperwork may be sent by:

    • Regular Email
    • Overnight Postal Mail

    Originals of Qualified Forms are required. Pre-paid return postage will be provided.

Fulfillment Kits

The Buyer will receive a Deposit Confirmation Packet in the mail once funds clear at the Escrow Agent. Buyer fulfillment kits are finalized when we are between 95-100% funded for that portfolio. Contact our Sales Team for the latest updates on the portfolio being funded. Fulfillment kits are securely emailed to the Buyer for delivery. The Buyer will sign digitally to acknowledge receipt. A PDF copy of the signed kit is available for immediate download from the system.


Your compensation is typically processed within 5-7 business days after the Buyer funds have been deposited and clear the escrow account.