Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements
You must have at least one of the following licenses to offer a particular product with the exception of Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Please see below for further details.

These are AAI's requirements only and may not be reflective of your particulars state's licensing requirements. It is your responsiblity to keep updated with your state's licensing requirements.
Product Series 7 Series 65 Series 66 Series 82 Life License1 CPA CFP Finder's License 2
LifeSure™ Global3
LifeSure™ Pacific 4
Oil & Gas3
9 Month Land Lease5
1, 2, & 3 Year Land Lease
3, 4, & 5 Year Real Estate3
1 - Agents Contracted on or after May 1st, 2018 cannot offer any product unless they have a California Life License, which can only be used to offer LifeSure™ Pacific. Subject to State Availability.
2 - The Finder's License is only available in the State of Texas and if you do not have a Securities License (Series 7, 65, 66, or 82) you are required to have both a Finder's License and a Life License to refer accredited clients to AAI.
3 - In the State of New York, you must have a Securities License (Series 7, 65, 66, or 82).
4 - For LifeSure™ Pacific, a residential or non-residential california life license is required to offer this product.
5 - In the State of Pennsylvania, you must have a Series 65 license to accept an origination fee.